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Tygerberg Children’s Choir Crowned Champions

Tygerberg Children’s Choir Crowned Champions at International Competition!

Blossoming songbirds of The Tygerberg Children’s Choir spread their wings and jetted off to an international choir competition at ‘the Singing City’ in the UK. Guess what? They were crowned the best children’s choir!

We were all rooting for The Tygerberg Children’s Choir who understood the assignment and brought the choral crown back to SA!

The choir took home first prize at an international competition that saw the ‘choral world awaken once more’ after the past few years of pandemic restrictions.

The Hull International Choir Competition saw 27 choirs from nations around the world battle it out note-to-note in the United Kingdom’s ‘Singing City’, with participating voices stretching from Finland to South Africa.

There, the Northern Suburbs songbirds took first prize for the Children’s Choir category, and Mzansi is singing their praises right back.

And, as an added cherry on top of the cake for the choir, they also earned second place in the Sacred Unaccompanied Choral Music Category!

The singers celebrated through angelic cheers and waved their South African flags proudly as the ‘City of the Choirs’ awarded them.

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