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South Africa

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The large and spread out Tzaneen Dam is a very popular fishing and recreational spot just 10km north-west of Tzaneen. The Dam has a surface area of 12 km squared and offers picnic spots, camping and caravanning, as well as boating and watersports opportunities, large-mouth bass angling and excellent carp fishing, and superb birding with over 350 species of bird recorded around the dam.

The Tzaneen Dam Nature Reserve is within the dam area on the northern side of the Dam, and includes part of the dam. Besides the Reserve area, the Dam is surrounded by tropical fruit plantations and enjoys warm weather and water temperatures throughout the year.

An interesting feature of the Tzaneen Dam Nature Reserve is the presence of Hippos – so it’s worth mentioning that as delightful as the presence of wildlife may be, Hippos are considered one of Africa’s most dangerous animals to humans, if not the most dangerous. They can be very aggressive and chase you when disturbed and feeling threatened. View them through your binoculars but leave them alone. There may also be a big crocodile in the Dam. Don’t swim in shallow areas.

The Tzaneen Dam is stocked with Florida strain large-mouth bass and features on the annual bass angling competition circuit.

The slipway is located at the Tzaneen Dam Aquatic Club


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