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Uncover Ocean Adventure and Witness the Sardine Run

Uncover ocean adventure

Unleash the Ocean Adventure: Witness the Spectacular Sardine Run on the KZN South Coast!

The KZN South Coast is a sun-kissed haven that continues to attract visitors with its delightful winter weather and an array of attractions, including Blue Flag Beaches, nature reserves, and thrilling hinterland adventures. However, there’s one awe-inspiring event stealing the spotlight – the legendary Sardine Run, the world’s greatest biomass migration, captivating both locals and tourists alike. This annual winter phenomenon commenced in June, and there’s only a limited time left to witness this globally renowned spectacle.

Phelisa Mangcu, CEO of South Coast Tourism & Investment Enterprise (SCTIE), expressed her excitement about this year’s Sardine Run: “The KZN South Coast has once again been blessed with an amazing Sardine Run, granting tourists up-close views of the mesmerizing migrating shoals and the hungry marine life in hot pursuit!

The Sardine Run activity began early in June, captivating eager anglers, divers, and spectators throughout the winter weeks. Wayne Harrison, the Acting Head of Operations at KZN Sharks Board, revealed the bustling seine netters’ efforts: “In July alone, we’ve had 12 successful nettings, amounting to 52 for this season, with over 700 baskets taken. The pilot shoal made its appearance earlier this year, and we’ve been witnessing a great amount of action.”

As Demetre Stamatis, one of the skilled seine netters, mentioned, localized flooding impacted the netting somewhat, but historical patterns suggest a potential “flash of run” ahead. The unpredictability of the Sardine Run keeps the excitement alive, with each day holding the promise of extraordinary sightings.

For those yearning to witness the Sardine Run firsthand, the KZN South Coast offers an array of options. With 58 beaches, including the highest number of Blue Flag Beaches in the province, visitors can observe the action from these picturesque shores. Moreover, this season presents a perfect opportunity to spot migrating humpback whales, adding to the mesmerizing ocean activity seen from various whale-viewing sites.

For a closer encounter with the Sardine Run, several tourism operators stand ready to escort visitors. Charter boats venture into the heart of the action, allowing guests to witness the spectacle from the water or even indulge in snorkeling amidst the swirling sardines, playful dolphins, and vibrant game fish.

Scuba and free divers will find their haven at two world-renowned dive sites, Aliwal Shoal and Protea Banks, both protected marine areas. Protea Banks promises thrilling shark sightings, while Aliwal Shoal boasts an exceptional dive experience, featuring captivating caves, crevasses, and ridges, teeming with diverse marine life.

For an unforgettable aerial perspective of the KZN South Coast, guests can take a thrilling flip in a microlight, helicopter, or light aircraft. World of Wings in Umkomaas offers microlight flips with breathtaking views of Aliwal Shoal, Scottburgh, and the lower South Coast. Alternatively, Uvongo Airtrack Aviation, based in Margate, provides scenic helicopter and aeroplane flights, treating visitors to awe-inspiring panoramas of the coastline.

Don’t let this remarkable Sardine Run pass you by!


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