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South Africa

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Verloren Vallei Nature Reserve, Dullstroom, Mpumalanga

Endagered crane species call the Verloren Vallei Nature Reserve their homeThe Verloren Vallei Nature Reserve is a wetland area of international importance, having been declared an international RAMSAR wetland site. The reserve, with it’s typical Mpumalanga highlands grassland, is home to a network of more than 30 wetland dams. More significantly, this wetland area is one of the few locations in South Africa where breeding populations of all three of the world’s critically endangered cranes – the Crowned, Wattled and Blue cranes – are found.

The reserve provides an important refuge for the cranes. The Blue and Crowned cranes spend their winters in flocks, before breaking up into breeding pairs and establishing their own territory. Wattled Cranes remain together in their breeding pairs and spend all year on their chosen territories, for life.

The reserve is simply another reason why Dullstroom is the perfect Mpumalanga getaway. You can do it all in a relaxing weekend in Dullstroom, and Verloren Vallei Nature Reserve should certainly be on your Dullstroom to-do list.

Getting there: from Gauteng, take the N4 going East into Mpumalanga. At Belfast, turn onto the R540 going towards Dullstroom. Continue through Dullstroom. Approximately 5km after Dullstroom you will see a turn off to your left to the Verloren Vallei Nature Reserve.

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