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VIDEO: Stefan Smit presents his art exhibition Bound

art exhibition Bound

Talented Stefan Smit is a South African artist who has worked in various countries around the world.

Smit has had some amazing career opportunities from solo exhibitions in the USA to running workshops in Denmark and painting murals in Dubai to name a few.

Smit’s latest body of work follows on from his previous solo exhibition, “CURB” which dealt with our relationship with our urban environments and the strange irony that develops in increasingly larger cities, finding that the closer people live together the further alienated they feel.

“With Covid having put a stop to my plans to travel to the States I thought having a video to give a little more depth into Bound would be a great idea!” – Stefan Smit.

“Thanks again to the amazing team from the Reel Thing who put this video together,” Smit concludes.

View more of his work:



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