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Von Geusau Chocolates, Greyton, Cape Overberg

Von Geusau Chocolates, Greyton

The success of Von Geusau Chocolates in Greyton must inspire many who are doing a job that they do not enjoy. When Richard von Geusau, formerly a frustrated city accountant, decided to follow his passion for good chocolate and move to Greyton, little did the village realise the treat that was in store for them and all their visitors.

Richard believes in only the best ingredients as the basis for his amazing handmade creations. The top quality chocolate couvertures with high cocoa content are procured from a renowned Belgian supplier. Add to this the finest and freshest original ingredients like fresh farm cream, roasted nuts, and exotic liqueurs, it is not surprising that the mouth watering result boasts a rich aroma, superb fillings and quality coverings that will delight every taste bud.

Von Geusau Chocolates, Greyton chocolaterieExpect to find the unexpected – innovative spicy and aromatic chocolates or those specially developed to pare with the wine on the table. Working with the masterful Waterford Winery winemaker, Kevin Arnold, Richard has developed an exciting range of chocolates that match well with wines. An example of such a combination is Cabernet with a Rock Salt dark chocolate, where each enhances the other – a most special experience!

Contact: 19 Main Rd, Greyton: Tel: +27 (0)28 254 9100; Cell: +27 (0)83 628 0029; Or Email

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