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South Africa

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West Coast, Western Cape

Paternoster, Cape West Coast

The Cape West Coast Region, spreads from Darling in the south, as far north as Vanrhynsdorp, and along the R27 and coastal roads from Yzerfontein in the south to Strandfontein in the north.

Cape West Coast SeafoodThe Cape West Coast is synonymous with the fishing lifestyle. From the earliest days in South African history, fishermen realised that the cold Benguela current created conditions ideal for seafood.

The local enjoy delicacies such as crayfish and oysters, and visitors come in their droves for a taste of the sea.

As can be expected, the Cape West Coast is a seafood paradise and a number of open-air beach restaurants offer succulent seafood, fresh from the sea, cooked on open fires or outdoor ovens whilst you enjoy the most amazing sunsets over the sea.

Lamberts Bay Beaches

The distinctive architecture of the fishing villages and the scenes of colourful small fishing boats, pristine beaches and lagoons, and the laid back lifestyle have all contributed to the growing popularity of this coastline as a preferred holiday destination and retirement option.

And it is not only humans that love this part of the world. It is home to whales, dolphins, seals and phenomenal bird life, with many hot birding spots to enjoy.

West Coast flowersThere is another aspect to the West Coast. Every spring, the arid environment bursts into carpets of wild flowers, a botanical wonderland that is world famous. Starting in late July in the northern areas of Namaqualand, the carpet rolls out to the south, and finishes by the end of September. All the pristine beaches, coastal dunes and inland fields are jaw dropping marvellous. See our self-drive flower route. With the magnificence of nature, hiking and cycling are also enjoyed.

More recently, wine growers have realised just how well suited the West Coast weather and soil conditions are, for producing excellent wines, and numerous award winning wine estates have developed, mainly around Darling and The Olifants River Valley, making the West Coast Wine Route a surprisingly good alternative to the Cape Winelands.

Hiking in the West Coast National Park StrandveldThe West Coast National Park is at the heart of nature conservation and teems with birds. The Postberg section of the Park is a wild flower garden. The Park is situated on the Langebaan lagoon, a favourite water sport destination.

Anglers still love this coastline, as it offers all types of fishing and has a good infrastructure of harbours and boat launching sites. There are plenty of spots for rock and surf fishing, and in season, crayfishing is on offer.

The Fossil Park, close to the West Coast National Park, has uncovered 200 different kinds of animals, many of them new to science.

If it is flower season, then the Cape West Coast must be one of the best holiday options in South Africa.


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