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Wildlife Photographer of the Year: People’s Choice shortlist

Posted July 9, 2014 by Kati Auld. Article from the Getaway Magazine.  

Ever wondered how and why some wildlife photographers get all the breaks? Now’s your chance to have a say.

Wildlife Photographer of the Year is in its 50th year, and they’ve decided to do something new by opening up a People’s Choice category. This means that instead of doughy fellows with monocles, every citizen of the Internet gets a say. That’s the catch, though, with democracy – you only get to vote once, so make your decision very, very carefully. Here are my top 10 choices, but have a look at all 50 photos in the gallery if you want your brain to be blown with beauty.

“Yellow-Necked Mouse” by Carsten Braun

Click here to vote for “Yellow-Necked Mouse”

“Innocence Betrayed” by Hilary O’Leary

Click here to vote for “Innocence Betrayed”

“Winter hares” by David Tipling

Click here to vote for “Winter Hares”

Facebook update, Marsel van Oosten

Click here to vote for “Facebook update”

“Heavy rain” by Pierluigi Rizzato

Click here to vote for “Heavy Rain”

“Apex Predators” by Justin Black

Click here to vote for “Apex Predators”


Click here to vote for “Dawn Lift-Off”

“One eye on you” by Mohammad Khorshed

Click here to vote for “One Eye on You”

“Feel Safe” by Juan Carlos Mimo Perez

Click here to vote for “Feel Safe”

“Red kangaroos at waterhole” by Theo Allofs

Click here to vote for “Red kangaroos at waterhole”

What are your favourites? Have we missed the best one? Let us know in the comments!

(Also, if you’ve got some great photos, here’s your reminder that we’re always accepting submissions to Getaway Gallery.)


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